The New Adventure

Just like many of you, the kids have left for college and I found myself in the unprepared situation of Becoming Empty Nester.

Empty Nester… and now what??

The house seems empty and too quiet. It has been a week since I bought the tub of Haagen-Dazs Vanilla Ice Cream, and we still have ice cream at home! That is right! Aidan is gone to  College.

What am I going to do with all this time?

I joined Body Kinetics and started working out again. By joining the gym, it became clear that I needed gym clothes. I was discouraged by not finding something that I would like, motivate me or make me feel good in them.

Prices can be high for quality outfits that don't become transparent when I was bending, kneeling and stretching. Popular brands lacked quality material and construction. 

After an exhausting research I found brands that represented the quality and value that I was searching for And this is how WEFIT ACTIVE WEAR was born…

The New Adventure... WEFIT ACTIVE WEAR 

With this idea, I founded, WEFIT ACTIVE WEAR and became the official BEFINE ACTIVE distributor here in California. The companies that WEFIT ACTIVE WEAR represents go through an extensive process of selecting the quality of fabrics, designs, styles, and durability. 

Our goal is to find products of the best quality of fabrics and styles that are different, for you to feel good and stand out from the crowd. 

Try it and you would understand why WEFIT ACTIVE WEAR

Allow yourself the opportunity to own one of our products, and you would experience how it feels in your body. The quality is incomparable.

You can book your private  viewing at your home or at my boutique at home. I guarantee you, you would not be disappointed!


For appointments, contact Mirsonia at: 

M: 415-497-0559





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